About Rachel McCormack

Talking too much since she was born

Talking too much since she was born

Daughter of a Macallan drinker, Rachel had a rude awakening in a Glasgow pub at 17 years old after asking for the house whisky and discovered that not all whiskies were the same. Her father maintains to this day that he ruined her taste buds with quality malt at far too young an age. She would like to think he gave them a crash course in discernment.

Rachel spent a number of years in Barcelona, Spain where she honed both her language and culinary skills. There she caught the Catalan obsession and lifelong passion for its food and politics, finding food often only slightly less controversial. A friend in London suggested that she start teaching Catalan cooking and since then she has gone on to teach private and public classes all over London, showing the techniques of both Catalan and other Spanish regional food, as well as doing demonstrations at food festivals. She has also been involved in various street food events and set up and ran for its first year The Ropewalk at Maltby Street Market.

She is a regular panelist on BBC Radio 4s The Kitchen Cabinet since the first pilot programme. She has also broadcast on the station’s From Our Own Corespondent, the Food Programme and appeared as an expert guest on BBC Radio 2 on both the Simon Mayo show and the Chris Evans show.

Rachel’s writing and broadcasting has covered a variety of topics from the politics of hunting, to tasting whisky in remote distilleries, to how to make Catalan doughnuts. She has written for, amongst others,  the Evening Standard, the BBC Vegetarian Food Magazine, the New Statesman, the Financial Times, RED magazine and the Guardian.

In her free time she is generally to be found with a glass of something in her hand and voicing an opinion either out loud or on Twitter.

She can be found on Twitter @R_McCormack and contacted by e-mail on weenippy@rmccormack.com


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